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What is Kelkoo?

Kelkoo was founded in year 2000 and is one of Europe's largest Internet shopping portals, with a presence in 12 countries. Kelkoo helps the visitor find products, compare prices and make purchases, safely on the Internet.

Kelkoo is the largest e-trade marketing platform in Europe and the third largest e-trade Web site. In Europe, 44 million products from more than 10 000 Webshops are listed, and the site has more than ten million users every month. Kelkoos goal is to provide the best possible shopping service to its visitors. 23 of the 25 best european shops choose to list their products with Kelkoo.

Why should I choose Kelkoo?

Having Kelkoo as a sales channel means reaching customers who are actively searching for your products. The integration between Kelkoo and Shopitoo even provides a sales tracking where you can see orders, turnover, closure frequency and more. Using this information, you can adjust your Kelkoo clickprice offer to get the best possible profit margin.

How do I join Kelkoo?

As a customer of Shopitoo AB you get a free connection to Kelkoo. This connection allows your Kelkoo product list to update several times a day, and allows you to track your Kelkoo sales.

Contact Kelkoo on to get a price estimate for your shop.