Nets provides payment solutions for companies large and small who wish to increase their turnover by selling online.Our solutions are user friendly and secure, and the company’s customers can choose to pay using any of the most common card types or via direct payment.

Nets is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) and our payment services authorise, collect and process card payments both online and in shops, irrespective of the type of card. We act as the hub in the network of the card sector by being a neutral interface between the merchant and the acquirer.


Netaxept fulfils market demand for secure online payments. We offer tried-and-tested solutions and we are certified compliant with VISA and MasterCard’s PCI DSS regulations. We have systems for handling and administering online payments locally in all Nordic and European countries, and in the rest of the world; the freedom to choose foreign currencies, banks in the Nordic region and northern Europe (secure cross-border payments), risk reduction and an Internet fraud warning system.

We offer card payments, direct payments, mobile payments, subscription payments, MOTO payments as well as invoicing solutions.

The following is always included when you use Netaxept:

Telephone support, operational support

Administrator’s package

Card payment page in accordance with PCI

3D-Secure (backed by VISA and MasterCard)

Fraud detection

Handling of crediting

Handling of partial deliveries

Bank payment verification

Integration package with technical support


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